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Doux Skin 
Younger You Serum


The new Doux Skin Younger You product by Beauty Gate is a super hydrating hyaluronic acid serum.


Doux Skin Younger You is formulated to deliver a maximum of moisturizing, anti-aging and skin tightening benefits to your skin.


Why Does It Outperform  Other Serums?

Unlike regular serums on the market, Doux Skin Younger You contains not one, but three types of hyaluronic acid. Each has a different molecular weight and acts on the skin in a specific way. 

Healthy Skin Ingredients

To maximize its absorption and skin rejuvenating properties, the formula includes aloe vera, chamomile flower extract, green tea leaf extract, olive leaf extract and orange oil. Certified organic.


Where to Buy Doux Skin Younger You

Pick up a bottle of Younger You when you come to Beauty Gate Ottawa or Laval for your next appointent, or order it online.

Beauty Gate Ottawa

508-B Gladstone Ave.

Ottawa ON Canada K1R 5P1

Ottawa Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday 10–6

Saturday 10–5 


(613) 693-1640

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Beauty Gate Laval

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Laval QC Canada H7P 4A7

Laval Opening Hours

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