• Band width: 3.2 cm
  • Lenght: 8-16 mm
  • Material: 100% Premium mink
  • Comes with special magnetic case for safe-keeping
  • Contains 6-magnets for maximum hold, trimmable to any length


Love Sriracha? Harissa? Ghost Peppers? Well then hot damn, "Spicy" is your kind of Lashes. This is a whole new level of "What's cooking, good looking". Bring culture to your soirée tonight.


Possible side effects of wearing these lashes include:

- Get more attention than others.

- Increased "KMT" in your immediate vecinity. (check Urban Dictionary for Definition)

- Increased rubbernecking to take a second glance.

- Your looks are pointed out to you in person and while you're not around.


Made with 100% Premium Mink. Comfortable on the eyes. Easy application and reusable up to 40 times or more!


*Magnetic Eyeliner Sold Separately

SPICY LASH - Magnetic Lashes