Vacuum Colombian Butt Lift, Wonder Breast Lift, Body Shaping, Lymphatic Drainage & Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Painless, Safe & Effective


Vacuum therapy, also known as vacutherapy or vacuum cupping therapy, is a non invasive body contouring procedure based on the ancient health practice of cupping.


Today, machine-assisted cupping therapy, available in Ottawa and Montreal / Laval, allows you to make noticeable changes in your body's curves, very fast.

Natural Butt & Breast Lift

The vacuum therapists at Beauty Gate Ottawa and Laval are the ones to see if you want to reduce cellulite, lift flat buttocks, correct sagging breasts, or increase breast volume without surgery.


Vacuum suction and negative pressure are used to soften tight muscles and loosen your connective tissue. The intense suction increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and causes fat cells to change locations. Vacuum therapy is an excellent means of non surgical body contouring.

Forget risky, expensive body contouring surgery... Just do the vacuuming!

YouTube thinks there's too much booty in this video. LOL



Once you opt for vacuum therapy buttocks enhancement, the first step is to discuss your specific goals with us and agree on what is to be done.


Depending on your body type and desired results, vacuum massage cups will be placed on the top and/or sides of your butt cheeks and suction will be applied for about 30 minutes. 

Non Surgical Bum Lift

Since a Colombian vacuum butt lift is completely non surgical, most people return to work or other normal activities right after their Colombian butt treatment.


It is normal, after vacuum therapy for your buttocks, to have some redness, minor bruising, tingling, a numb feeling or discomfort in the treated area. These effects are temporary and will disappear completely. 

See photo gallery: Non surgical buttock lift before and after photos

Before Wonder Breast Lift phot
After Wonder Breast Lift phot


Vacuum therapy for boobs is an instant breast lift without breast implant. Huge suction cups placed on the breasts stimulate an increase in blood flow to the capillaries. A thickening of the connective tissue ensues, plus a noticeable lifting and enlargement of the breasts, without implants or surgery.


With each consecutive vacuum treatment, the muscles beneath the breasts are toned, grow stronger and give the breasts a long-lasting full and uplifted appearance.

Redness and slight bruising may occur after your vacuum therapy breast treatment, but will disappear fairly fast.

See photo gallery: Vacuum therapy breast lift before and after photos

Asymmetric Breast Cupping

Vacuum cupping can be performed just on one side, as a way of treating uneven breast sizing.

Pec Augmentation Without Implants

For men, we place the vacuum cups higher on the chest, over the pectorals, to enhance the look of the chest.

Celluite testimonial.jpg


Vacuum lymphatic drainage suction massage is an outstanding cellulite treatment.


Cellulite, or that lumpy "orange peel skin" we hate to see, is Just a heap of fat cells whose storage capacity is saturated. Cellulite block the circulation of liquids and lymph, and hinder the elimination of toxins from the body. 

Cupping, An Anti Cellulite Secret

Vacuum cupping is great for cellulite as it increases blood flow and moves fat cells. The skin then starts to regain much of its lost elasticity and will look much healthier.

Vacuum cellulite treatment is so invigorating, it might even mark a turning point in your life.




Colombian Vacuum Butt & Breast Lift
Before & After Photos


Vacuum Butt Lift Works! Beauty Gate Otta
Vacuum Butt Lift Works! Beauty Gate Otta




Vacuum Therapy Treatment Tips

  • Destroy fat with lymphatic drainage suction, and make fat cry with infratherapy. Good sculpting combo.

  • #WeFlattenThatCurve

  • The initial lift stays, and more sessions give bigger results!

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Can I Have Vacuum Therapy? 


A Colombian Butt Lift, Wonder Lift or anti-cellulite vacuum treatment should not be done during your monthly cycle, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Wait until you're finished.


Vacuum therapy is not recommended if you have a heart condition or recently had surgery. A 6-month waiting period is required.

Also, we will not go ahead with vacuum sculpting if you have diabetes, a vascular or bleeding disorder, high blood pressure, tunours, cysts or an internal organ problem.


Please note that people with breast implants are not eligible for the  Wonder Breast vacuum breast lift procedure.