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Ottawa & Laval

Colombian butt lift Ottawa & Laval

Colombian Butt Lift

Saggy booty problems? Too much dip in your hip? You can add volume, shape and lift with our non-invasive vaccuum butt Llft. That's right, vacuum therapy for buttocks.

Vacuum Butt Lift Benefits

  • Non-surgical buttock enhancement

  • Affordable bum lift

  • Breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

  • Helps restore skin elasticity

  • Long-term results with treatment packages

Wonder Breast vacuum lift in Ottawa & Laval

Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Wonder Breast Lift is vacuum therapy breast enlargement that will quickly, safely lift and enlarge your breasts. Finally, you can get the look and breast volume you want!


Vacuum Breast Lift Benefits

  • Rounder, even breast shape

  • Larger bra cup size

  • Breast lift and tightening after breastfeeding

  • Reversal of the natural ageing process​

  • Fast, full recovery​. No downtime. 

  • More affordable and safer than breast plastic surgery

  • Immediate results

Before photo: Temp Sure Envi RF skin reuvenation Ottawa & Lavalo
After photo: Temp Sure Envi RF skin reuvenation Ottawa & Lavalo

TempSure Envi RF Skin Tightening

TempSure Envi radio frequency skin rejuvenation makes your skin look tighter and more youthful, without surgery.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment Benefits

  • No downtime facelift

  • Minimizes facial fine lines

  • Removes spider veins and crow’s feet
  • Gives you a non-surgical facelift, neck lift or eye lift

  • Can tightens loose tummy skin

  • Can also treat cellulite

Skin Rejuvenation Before & After

Woman Covering Eyes & Eyelashes

Lash Extensions, Lift & Tint

Beauty Gate's lash artists can enhance the length, fullness, thickness, curliness and colour of your natural eyelashes. We offer full sets, refills, lash lift and tint.


(BTW, we also have our own line of magnetic lash extensions, called Doux Lash, for those who'd like to try DIY magnetic lashes.)

Expert Lash Extensions

  • Classic lash extensions

  • Hybrid lash extensions

  • Volume lash extensions

  • Mega volume lash extensions

  • Lash lift

  • Lash tint

manicure pedicure Ottawa & Laval

Nails, Nails, Nails!

​Love a good mani pedi? How about bio gel or dip powder nails! They last a long time, and the colours are fabulous.

How Do You Like Your Nails?

    • Dip powder nails

    • Bio gel

    • Shellac

    • Nail art

    • Manicure

    • Pedicure

    • Pick trending nail colours

Ombre powder brows in Ottawa & Laval

Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré shading gives you semi permanent brows. It's a mini-tatoo procedure, but not at all like microblading.  

Semi-Permanent Makeup

  • Get your brows on fleek!

  • Set and forget brows

Henne Brows

  • Great for sensitive skin

Woman Applying Facial Cream, Facials Ottawa & Laval

Facials, Peels & Masks

Salon facial treatments, face peels and spa masks improve your skin's texture, tone and elasticity. Beauty Gate offers G.M. Collin facials, hydrojelly masks, dermaplaning and microneedling facials.

Pick a Facial Treatment

  • Basic Facial

  • Oxygenating Skin Care

  • AlgoMask+

  • Hydrolifting

  • Sea C Spa

  • Botinol

  • Eye Sublime Collagen Mask

  • Collagen 90-II Facial

  • Chemical Peel

  • Hydrojelly Mask

  • Dermaplaning

  • Microneedling

Botox for mens forehead Ottawa
Woman getting Botox injection Ottawa

Dermal Fillers

Beauty Gate Ottawa has a highly skilled dermal injector nurse who offers a full range of dermal fillers and Botox for men and women. Book a free consultation with her today, to get your treatment started..


We offer Botox and/or fillers for cheeks, chin, tear troughs (under the eyes), nasolabial folds (laugh lines), lips, jawline, and a full facelift package.


- Botox / Dysport

You can chose a Botox lip flip, a custom Botox facial or a Botox / Dysport hyperhidrosis treatment to combat excessive sweating. 

Leg and body waxing Ottawa / Laval

Waxing Hair Removal

Most people agree that waxing is the best way to remove body hair.


Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, razor burn and ugly stubble!

Full Body Waxing

  • Eyebrows

  • Chin, cheeks

  • Upper lip

  • Neck

  • Full face

  • Back, chest

  • Arms

  • Underarms

  • Legs, toes

  • Bikini waxing

Smiling Guy with bright, white teeth - In-salon LED Teeth whitening Ottawa & Laval

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Want a whiter smile without going to the dentist?


Beauty Gate can whiten your teeth for you. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg!

In-Salon Teeth Whitening Benefits

  • Brighten your smile

  • Get rid of ugly stains

  • Avoid a costly dentist appointment

  • Safe and effective

Speciality & therapeutic massage in Laval QC

Specialty & Therapy Massage

Treat yourself to a therapeutic or specialty massage with our professional Massage Therapist at Beauty Gate Laval!

What Type of Massage?

  • Swedish massage

  • Thai herbal massage

  • Hot shell massage

  • Aromatherapy massage

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Back massage / skin care

  • Full body scrub

BEAUTY GATE's list of esthetics services keeps growing, and we haven't had time to provide info pages for every single treatment we offer. Please note that our extended list of beauty and spa services includes laswer hair removal, lash extensions, lash lift & tint, eyebrow shading, vacuum therapy, Colombian butt lift, Wonder breast lift, nails, facials, peels, jelly masks, dermaplaning, microneedling, TempSure Envi RF skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment, dermal fillers, Botox, teeth whitening, lymphatic post-op care, drainage massage, infratherapy & massage, lip blush PMU, faux freckle tattoos, wood therapy, 4D lipo, ultrasonic cavitation, suction slimming, body RF, laser lipo..lysis and probably a few other things we've forgotten to mention.

Feel free to book a free consultation with us if you have any questions about what you'd like to have done.

See the full list of esthetetics services available at BEAUTY GATE by clicking on the Prices/Bookilink.
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