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Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage

Beauty Gate voted best in plastic surgery in Ottawa

BEAUTY GATE won the Platinum Award for Plastic Surgery at Community Votes Ottawa 2022!

Top honours in the Plastic Surgery category? 

Yes! Because we offer outstanding post-operative lymphatic drainage, that helps you avoid complications and discomfort as you heal.

Post-Op Care Specialists

Beauty Gate is certified in Colombian and Brazilian Post-Operative care techniques.


Our post-op care treatments are mostly based on stimulating the lymphatic system to flush out fluids without the risk of contamination from manual squeezing.


Using specialized techniques, we not only provide relief to post-op patient through their lymphatic system, but also give them the body contouring they need.

Beauty Gate's advanced post-operative care, offered in Ottawa and Montreal/Laval, is recommended after liposuction, a tummy tuck, a Brazilian butt lift or similar cosmetic surgical procedures, to promote faster healing.

A registered nurse is available on-site as needed for more delicate cases.

Post Op Care Lymphatic Drainage in Ottawa & Montreal / Laval
Beauty Gate does Colombian & Brazilian post-op care and lymphatic drainage in Ottawa & Laval

Post-Op Care For You!

Along with post-op lymphatic drainngage, non-aggressive techniques such as Infrared or LED lights, tapping, and high frequency ultrasound are used to avoid the accumulation of scar tissue that can lead to fibrosis. Everything we do is based upon years of scientific studies which are readily available.

We do not initially use any aggressive or invasive treatments, such as lipo-cavitation or wood therapy. But we do recommend wood therapy down the line after a recovery period.

Plastic surgeons usually recommend at least 10 sessions of Post-Op Lymph Drainage following your cosmetic surgery. 

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Best Post-Op Care in Ottawa & Montreal / Laval

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