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5 Piece Professional Wood Therapy Kit - MADE IN COLOMBIA


This is the perfect starter kit to add to your Body Sculpting tool box!


Designed for professionals who want to introduce this service in their business. It contains all the basic tools to work this technique at the body level.




- 1 Engraved Roller

- 1 Cubed Roller

- 1 Suction Cup

- 1 Contouring Board "F" Style

- 1 Contouring Board "Y" Style


Please note: Instructions on how to use these tools are not included in the purchase. We will only instruct you on how to properly clean and care for your tools.


Interested in getting trained? We offer both PRIVATE and ONLINE training! FINANCING AVAILABLE for Canadian students.


Enroll Online at


or Contact:


*30 day part replacement guarantee. (If product breaks, we will replace the part)

Wood Therapy Professional 5 Piece Kit

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