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Beauty Gate Academy's mission is to give you excellent private training on top beauty techniques, in English or French, in Ottawa, Montreal / Laval and online, to facilitate your fast, successful entry into a hot market.

Gina Srey – experienced beautician, master lash artist and owner of two beauty salons – will make sure you get the know-how, technique, and tools you need to start your new career with confidence. 

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Gina Srey, Certified Educator & Master Lash Artist

Beauty Courses Online or In Person


Beauty Gate Academy offers live courses in Ottawa and Laval that will certify you in: Lash Extensions (Classic, Volume & Mega Volume), Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Vacuum Therapy (Colombian Butt Lift & Wonder Breast Lift) and Teeth Whitening.

The Academy offers online training for: Microneedling and Dermaplaning.

A free starter kit, manual, and equipment are often included in the course price. Training is available in English or French.

Select from the list below, then click the Email button to inquire about course daes and get details.


Lash Extensions Training & Certification

Classic Lash Extension Training

2 days, in Ottawa or Laval

 $1,300, including lash kit, manual & diploma

Volume Extension Training

2 days, in Ottawa or Laval

$1,200, including lash kit, manual & diploma
* Proof of Classic Lash certification is required.

Classic + Volume Lash Extension Intensive

3 days, in Ottawa or Laval

$2,200, including lash kit, manual & diploma

Advanced Volume + Mega Volume Extensions Masterclass

2 days, in Ottawa or Laval

$1,200, including manual & diploma

Lash Technique Improvement Training

Ottawa or Laval

$100/hr, including free lash goodies!


Microneedling Training & Certification

Expert Microneedling Training

Ottawa or Laval

$2,000, including starter kit & diploma

Online Microneedling Course

$1,100, including diploma


Dermaplaning Training & Certification

Dermplaning Training

Ottawa or Laval

$600, including starter kit & diploma

Online Dermplaning Course

$350, including diploma


Vacuum Therapy Butt & Breast Enhancement Training & Certification

Vacuum Therapy, Colombian Butt Lift,

Wonder Breast Lift, Cellulite Treatment & Lymphatic Drainage Training

1 day intensive, in Ottawa or Laval

$3,000, including vacuum therapy

machine, manual, starter kit and diploma


Teeth Whitening Training & Certification

LED Teeth Whitening Course

1 day, in Ottawa or Laval

$1,500, including teeth whitening machine, manual, kit and diploma

Time To Boss Up, Boo!

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